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Vasco da Gama - The professional travel route animation software

Illustrate your travels with Vasco da Gama

You can use this travel-route presentation software to illustrate and animate your travel routes as you wish. Incorporate effects and other highlights to give your route animations that little something extra. The real-time preview makes the program especially intuitive to use, allowing you to review all changes before they are implemented.

Take advantage of the novel, professional technologies that have been integrated into Vasco da Gama. After creating your route animations, you can import the videos directly into your video editing system – your travel-route presentation software supports all popular video-editing formats.


Vasco da Gama 9 HD UltimateVasco da Gama 9 HD Ultimate

The ultimate version for exclusive animations

Profit from an unbeatable price to performance ratio with the comprehensive version HD Ultimate thanks to numerous additional products that are already included. Thus, Vasco da Gama 9 HD has six object packages, eleven Earth maps and two bonus maps that offer you practically unlimited animation variety. Spruce up your animations with airplanes, ships and sights throughout the world included as object packages in Vasco da Gama 9 HD Ultimate. Display your travel and route experiences in a particularly attractive way by using globes that look like brushed metal or old paper.

With the full scope of functionality, in the HD Ultimate version of Vasco da Gama 9 the usual high performance is enhanced in this high-performance edition by a GPS database that includes 238,000 cities and towns. These can now be displayed even more clearly and in more detail thanks to the support of high definition video. There's a reason why the Vasco da Gama 9 motto is: Everything with a new shine!

All of the highlights in Vasco da Gama 9 HD Professional are integrated in this software. Look forward to a variety of options for your travel animations on a professional level.

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Vasco da Gama 9 HD ProfessionalVasco da Gama 9 HD Professional

A variety of options for your professional travel route animations

With Vasco da Gama 9 HD Professional, you receive an especially powerful animation program with functions for professionally displaying your travel routes. Use the expanded, dual monitor support to find the entire bandwidth of the software in one overview. This allows you to plan your route even more intuitively. Integrate objects from the database, for instance 238,000 cities and towns or 300 3D objects. Choose different speeds for objects and run through your travel routes in the animation with precise time markers. Import the GPS tracking routes 1:1 into the program realistically and let the program fully automatically place your GPS-referenced photos in their proper positions.

You will see - Vasco da Gama 9 HD Professional has a lot to offer. Switch off the daylight and experience the cities at night. Visualize your travels by airplane from all sides using the 360 degree view. Experience brand new camera pan shots that display your travel animations even more realistically. You can re-experience once in a lifetime experiences.

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Vasco da Gama 9 AdvancedVasco da Gama 9 Advanced

For sophisticated travel film-makers who want to make more of their images

80,000 cities and towns, 300 3D objects and particle animations like real smoke on steam engines are only a few of the highlights you can actively integrate in your route animations with Vasco da Gama 9 Advanced. Select your travel vehicle and display your route realistically and 1:1.

Define your stops and add variety to your route presentation as you like. Light and shadow effects emitted by sights and other objects adjust to the position of the sun and allow detailed animation. Enhance your illustrations with comprehensive functions!

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